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  1. Painting and Modelling Services
  2. Project Logs
    Steve here, and I wanted to take this thread to update my progress of painting through my collection of models. I buy more than I can paint, and that is a problem. I have been working to get much faster and subscribe to the 'arms length' painting approach. I will be posting images here of...
  3. Painting and Modelling Services
    I just finished this commission for two phantom titans. Alas, I have to ship them to their home soon. Its like sending kids off. For more see my blog. The commissions are for this guy some of you may know. on to the pictures! Ok Ill include every model done for him to date.
  4. Sketches and Warhammer 40k Art
    I've bee wanting to do this picture ever since I read Galaxy in flames, needless to say I nerded out on this one. hope you guys dig it, don't forget to enlarge there's plenty to see in there
  5. Warhound Titan

    Now 75% complete.
  6. Eldar Ulthwé Revenant Titan

    Work in progress
  7. Eldar Ulthwé Revenant Titan

    Work in progress
  8. Eldar Ulthwé Revenant Titan

    Work in progress photograph of Eldar Titan. To show the scale of the model I've included Eldrad Ulthran and an Eldar Night Spinner. The Titan was bought second hand and had extensive damage particularly to both knee joints. I've made a working base from a 5" Blast Marker, a CD-R (to strengthen
1-8 of 8 Results