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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey Everyone! Please enjoy our Christmas special battle report featuring Santa (Logan Grimnar on Stormrider) vs the Thousand Sons.
  2. Trading Area
    [H]Fully Converted & Painted Heresy Thousand Sons & Resin Bases [W] Cash Paypal only I'm selling my old Thousand Sons which I converted years ago to represent Grey Knights. But they can easily be used in 30k. Due to the professional work done on the miniatures I had to consult a friend of mine...
  3. Black Library Fiction
    So on the blog earlier today, John French announced the next part in the Ahriman-trilogy. And SPOILERS. A character from the Advent short audio about Lucius will make a return apparently. Can't wait to see more of this and the cover for the novel...
  4. Project Logs
    Now that I'm back I think it is time for me to start one of theses project logs. This Army is going to be mostly CSM with some Renegade guard as allies. Pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible.
  5. 40k Tactics
    Everywhere on the internet people hate on the Thousand Sons, but I've been running them in 1500 point games and they have consistently been the MVPs. AP 3 and effective 30 inch range means a unit of ten takes 9 shots (sorcerer generally casts or pistol out of range), hits with six and wounds...
  6. Black Library Fiction
    I just finished reading A Thousand Sons in 4 days but was left wanting for more fluff about the Thousand Sons. I bought All is Dust and Dust hoping to find something about the Rubric of Ahriman [Spell that protected the Thousand Sons from flesh change but had adverse side-effects] but found...
  7. Death to the false emperor

    During the Black Crusades Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Slaanesh join the Black Legion to bring death to the false emperor
  8. Ahriman, Exile of the Thousand Sons

    Here we have my Ahriman, painted in a darker blue than normal, with antiqued horns to show age.
  9. Thousand Sons Chaos Sorcerer Lord

    A converted Chaos Sorcerer for my Thousand Sons. I went with a lighter blue to give a more egyptian feel. The force weapon has been modified using a Tzeentch Icon as the top.
  10. Ahriman

    My Ahriman, I took a lot of time and wanted him to have a look as though he's been through many a dusty library searching for great works of magic.
  11. Thousand Sons Land Raider

    This is my Thousand Sons Land Raider. IT has ForgeWorld Doors, and I freehanded all of the gold trim.
1-13 of 13 Results