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  1. General 40k
    In light of recent Imperial Guard rules changing the Hammer of the Emperor rule to not be valid in a Guard army if it contains both Tempestus Scions and normal guard units, I decided to replace my Tempestus Scion squad with a veteran squad and another bullgryn. I don’t want my painted Scions to...
  2. 40k Rules Discussion
    Hi, I’m currently making a 500 point Astra Militarum army and I have a squad of 5 Tempstus Scions (One being a Tempestor). In this squad I have 2 with Special weapons (1 melta, and 1 grenade launcher). I know that for every 5 models in a Tempestus Scion unit, up to two models can have a special...
1-2 of 2 Results