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  1. Imperial Tactics
    Alright, so since we have need of some Ad Mech tactics articles, I thought I would start writing some as I play. Feel free to add thoughts of your own, fellow Ad Mech players! So, I thought I would start with the Vanguard. As a basic troop choice, I have used them more than any other unit...
  2. Xenos Tactics
    So necrons for 7e have been here for a while, and I have yet to see any comprehensive tactica on these guys yet that can account for a variety of situations on the tabletop battlefield. I will attempt to rectify this in time, and for the time being I will start with a unit most long time necron...
  3. 40k Tactics
    Let’s talk Sentinels! No not those AT-ST looking things that the Astra Militarium get to use. Im talking Sentinels of Terra. Who are they? Simply put Sentinels of Terra are the 3rd company of the Imperial Fists chapter. Why do I care? You don’t have to but it’s worth considering that...
  4. Ork Army Lists
    Hey there everyone, In my local gaming ‘club’ we have Tau, Eldar, me as Orkz (in this example) and a tyranid player, the Eldar and Tau are at least fairly underpowered so it is usually biased in my favour for those matches, this might change as these players get more experienced, our codices...
  5. 40k Tactics
    You can now find the Tips and Tricks section at the full guide Rage's Guide If a Mod sees this post please delete
1-5 of 7 Results