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  1. 40k Fluff
    Hey everyone! I was thinking of making a new chapter called the "Torchbearers" but before I think of anything else I wanted to know how yous feel about the color scheme. I kinda like it but I'd like other opinions!
  2. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Ok guys iv made the decisions to play a berzerker army and would like some suggestions for things to add or drop (not purchased anything yet). HQ Kharn the Betrayer Zhufor the Impailer (forge world khorn lord) Troops 4x 10 men Berzerker squad, Rhinos for each Fast 2x 10 men Raptor/ Warp...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Greetings all. Apologies up front for my extreme lack of knowledge and any faux pas that may result from it! I'm very new to the scene and really don't know much at all in terms of the backstory, the armies and their capabilities, etc. That makes it tough to decide on what I might want to start...
  4. General 40k
    So, I currently play Eldar. Not a lot, I've only just started. But I'd like to have a second army to work on when I'm feeling tired of painting and assembling space elves. I'm looking for something with a relatively low model count, and doesn't cost a fortune to play. I've been told that Blood...
1-4 of 4 Results