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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    Hello all, On December 8 I have an upcoming game of 2,250 points. Sounds like an odd mix, especially for my usual 1,500 point game I play each month. Here is the situation and scenario. Situation: this is a team game where it is 2 on 3. Myself and an Imperial Guard player are playing 2,250...
  2. Soul Drinkers Stormraven

    My Stormraven... finished
  3. Stormraven

    I'm having issues with the pilot's canopy atm... it won't sit flush with the body when the techmarine is inside & of course there is still painting to be done.
  4. Blood Angel Stormraven Conversion

    Like most 40K players, I was excited to hear about the new Bloodangel Stormraven gunship. Unfortunately, there is not one on the market. Therefore, I decided to build my own. In my vision assisted by a warp entity, I came up with this creation. I envisioned the Stormraven as a combination
1-5 of 5 Results