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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    Hello, Heresy Online community. I'm brand new to 40k, just picked up my codex and rulebook and I'm looking to build my first army. But before I spend a few hundred dollars I'd like to know if I'm headed in the right direction. Imperial Fists (500pts) Captain (130) Jump Pack Melta Bombs...
  2. Orcnar Starter Set

    This is the Orcnar starter set from Tor Gaming system 'Relics' all painted up. It contains 3x Unmann, 1x Niwian and 2xDocga
  3. General 40k
    I'm interested in getting back into Warhammer 40k and WFB and was wondering why this Stormclaw set was so limited, the current starter set Dark Vengeance has two factions that don't interest me whereas the Stormclaw box has two that do interest me. It's practically a starter set, you just need...
  4. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    Hi guys, I wanted to ask some advice, simply put I'm someone who hasn't played tabletop in roughly 6 years and I can't remember anything but me and 3 friends are starting a gaming club just between us four. The Armies involved are as follows with all my knowledge: -The Empire (ofcourse...
1-4 of 4 Results