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  1. Omition

    Supreme Blood Lord programing space pod deploying bio tech virus necrocyborg torso-tank(planet converter) unit A
  2. General 40k
    Well im new here and just letting people see what my skills have concocted (if thats how you spell it) I'm taking my son on his first holiday later this year and i am trying to raise the much needed funds for it. So i have designed and created these two Space marine bolters first one is...
  3. Chaos Tactics
    For those that don't like cultists or cult troops. How are you fielding your CSM units, what sort of mileage are you getting and what do you hope they achieve in games? I'm just playing around with ideas for future games here. I hate the idea of pure MSU troops with the minimum 5+5 fielded to...
  4. General 40k
    I am currently starting a nurgle themed CSM army, and just bought my first models. I have yet to receive them, but they are as follows: - 10 Chaos Space Marines - Chaos Space Marine Rhino - 3 Chaos Bikers - 5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines - 7 Plague Marines - 5 Cultists (to be used as Plague...
  5. 40k Tactics
    Hi everyone I not so recently started playing chaos space marines and my main opponent is my friend who got me into the game and he plays Imperial guard. I haven’t been winning too much other than good luck and was hoping to get some advice to better play against him next time we have a game. We...
  6. eBay Listings
    My space marine army i have for sale: Warhammer 40k space marine army | eBay
  7. Trading Area
    Hi all. Have the following orks: 1 Gazghkull Thraka - painted (alternative blue armour) and based 1 Big Mek with KFF - painted and based 30 Boyz - part painted 10 Nobz - part painted 5 Kommandos - base coated 1 Boss Snikrot - base coated 4 Cyborkz - part painted 1 Painboy - Base coated 1 Killa...
  8. Project Logs
    [or 'How I learnt to stop worrying and love crazy mahoosive space hulks'] "The silent leviathan drifted inexorably through the cold harshness of the void; its massive, scabrous hull pitted and scarred from millennia of meteoritic bombardment. The aeons spent lost in this sea of darkness had...
  9. eBay Listings
    I'm just selling my 40k stuff which consists of Space Wolves miniatures which could also be Space Marines and Eldar miniatures. I'll be adding links to the listings as I put them up. Message me if you have any questions (preferably on eBay). Space Wolves/Marines Vindicator...
  10. Space Marine Casualties [Back]

    Space Marine Casualties Back View Sprue Date: N/A Sprue Code: N/A Product Code: 99060101422 Out of Production: Yes
  11. SM Casualties [Front]

    Space Marine Casualties Front View Sprue Date: N/A Sprue Code: N/A Product Code: 99060101422 Out of Production: Yes
  12. Commander Dante

    Heres my Commander, he just had his arm fall off while I was setting up my new room, ohwell. I am currently repainting my entire Blood Angels army from when I was a kid, and also working on Imperial Guard and a squad of Grey Knight Terminators
1-12 of 12 Results