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  1. librarian dreadnought

    Axys Anvilfist, Librarian Dreadnought of the Soul Drinkers
  2. Soul Drinkers Stormraven

    My Stormraven... finished
  3. Sarpedon, back

    Sarpedon, Chapter Master & Chief Librarian of the Soul Drinkers
  4. Sarpedon, front

    Sarpedon, Chapter Master & Chief Librarian of the Soul Drinkers
  5. Tellos-left

    left side
  6. Tellos-right

    right side
  7. Tellos-front

    Head: Space Wolf, Body: Boss Snikrot & green stuff, Arms: Chainswords & green stuff, Legs: regular SM. His body is washed in mixed layers of 3 color, Granite-Bleached Bone-Skull White, with Baal Red wash over the top.
  8. Tellos-back

    here's the back of Tellos
  9. Stormraven

    I'm having issues with the pilot's canopy atm... it won't sit flush with the body when the techmarine is inside & of course there is still painting to be done.
  10. Sarpedon

    Chapter Master. This one took me the longest to model, mainly because the metal figure torso & head wouldn't sit on the legs without them collapsing into a heap. The legs are pretty much done, need to finish the upper body.
  11. Tellos

    Mutated Assault Captain. Body = Boss Snikrot & GS, head is from the SW. I finally got the body paints set how I wanted. It took me several months to visualize it in my head.
  12. Tyrendian

    Librarian Tyrendian of the Soul Drinkers.
  13. Scouts

    Two members of the Soul Drinkers scout squad, one is a sergeant.
  14. Soul Drinker Marines

    A varied group of Soul Drinkers.
  15. Karrenden, Master of Novices

    Possessing one of the few suits of Terminator armor, Karrenden is in charge of scouts and novices of the Chapter.
  16. Chaplain Itkinos

    This was the first member of the Soul Drinkers army that I am working on.
  17. Soul Drinker D-nought

    This was the second figurine that I painted... & the first that I used magnets on. Someday I might drill the magnets out and reset them, but with other projects right now, it's down the list.
1-18 of 18 Results