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  1. 40k Fluff
    Recently after getting back into 40k I've been having some difficulty sticking to one army or another. One of my friends who plays Chaos space marines has been insisting that I just collect whatever and find a way to play them altogether. This would include Skitarii , Guard , space marines and...
  2. Imperial Tactics
    Alright, so since we have need of some Ad Mech tactics articles, I thought I would start writing some as I play. Feel free to add thoughts of your own, fellow Ad Mech players! So, I thought I would start with the Vanguard. As a basic troop choice, I have used them more than any other unit...
  3. Modelling and Painting
    I am 100% new to painting. I have only watched videos and am not knowledgeable on artist techniques. Anyways, I've completed this Vanguard and it seems something is not working. I don't know if there are to many colors or what. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results