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  1. Skaven Army Lists
    Hi i am new to Skaven and Warhammer Fantasy in general( but a long time 40k player) and i am wondering if this army list would be any use in a competitive stand point, or perhaps just a friendly game? heroes: warplock engineer 95 points level 1 wizard doomrocket chieftain 74 points shield...
  2. Skaven Army Lists
    Hi! New to fantasy and Skaven but have inherited a bunch of toys. What I have... 1x grey seer 1x warlord/chieftan 1x warlock engineer 57x clan rats with spears and shields 92x clan rats with hand weapons and shields 1x doomwheel So I've tried to make a list with what I have available... Here...
  3. Warhammer Battle Reports
    I just watched an AMAZING battle report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNRcRt1OtYI I have never seen a batrep like it. It seemed like watching a movie. Please check it out.
  4. Project Logs
    Hi Heresy This is my skaven project... I've had the models for ages but i have finally started doing some serious painting on them... (As High Elves are my main army, I got my first taste for the ratmen from island of blood) The paint job for this army is rather simple, as i intend for this...
  5. Black Library Book Reviews
    CL Werner 'Dead Winter' Review Now let me start off by saying that I consider myself professional in my reviews. I would never scathe for the sake of scathing, it is rude and disrespectful to an author who has put a lot of hard work into their product. I almost dislike being negative about a...
  6. Trading Area
    Hi everyone, I decide to sell my Rats Ogres and their packmaster on ebay because I don't plane on using them. It was a lot of fun to paint them and I like the painting job but I would like to buy more stuff. Here is a picture of what I am selling and the link to the ebay page...
  7. General Warhammer
    I recently played my first Warhammer battle with 3 friends who are fairly knowledgeable about the game (2000 pnt, vampire counts vs lizard people. Was awesome). After the battle I was quite determinant about getting in on the action. I looked into the armys of warhammer fantasy, and the one I...
  8. Project Logs
    Hi all, I have been playing wh for some time, but the painting and conversion part has always been a bit lagging :) I now have reached that point, that I am confident enough to show some of my work. Here is the link to my photo stream with some of my work...
  9. From the Hellpit, 3

    Views of my Hellpit Monstrosity
  10. From the Hellpit, 2

    2nd View of my Hellpit monstrosity
  11. From the Hellpit, 1

    Hellpit Monstrosity
1-11 of 11 Results