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sisters of battle

  1. Project Logs
    Hi Folks. I put up a thread a while ago asking for help and suggestions with converting myself some Sisters of Battle for use as a Chaos Force. See Here. The advice was helpful, and I've at last got some results to show. I haven't got much to share yet, just a couple of photos of unbased...
  2. Project Logs
    As some of you know, I've been playing Sisters of Battle as my main army since late-2010/early-2011. And if you didn't, I've been playing Sisters of Battle since late-2010/early-2011. But something that I've only mentioned in passing is that I've been playing the army this entire time mostly...
  3. Original Works
    I was playing with an idea of a coven of Sisters who've fallen to Khorne and decided to write some fiction for them. It's less a story as much as a creative writing experiment, but I felt like sharing it just the same. _____ There are whispers told about an Order of Sisters who fell to the...
  4. Canoness 2

    Canoness 2

    A Canoness converted from Immolator-turret-gunner-bits
  5. Death Cult Assassins

    Death Cult Assassins

    Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave Death Cult Assassins using Reaper Miniatures Battle Nuns
  6. Crusaders


    Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave Crusaders converted from Mortheim Sisters of Sigmar
  7. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and Aides

    Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and Aides

  8. Marija Jacobus

    Marija Jacobus

    Uriah's twin sister
  9. Sisters of Battle Rhino

    Sisters of Battle Rhino

  10. Retributor Squad

    Retributor Squad

  11. Immolator


  12. Canoness


  13. Exorcist Tank

    Exorcist Tank

  14. Battle Squad 2

    Battle Squad 2

  15. Penitent Engine

    Penitent Engine

  16. Battle Squad

    Battle Squad

  17. Sisters Dialogus, Fabulous or Priestesses

    Sisters Dialogus, Fabulous or Priestesses

  18. Priestess, Dominatris and Repentia

    Priestess, Dominatris and Repentia

  19. Sacred Banner of the Order Militant

    Sacred Banner of the Order Militant

  20. St Celestine

    St Celestine

    A Witch Hunter gallery and no picture of St.Celestine with Pegasus Wings!?!