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  1. imm0rtal reaper sig request

    Another sig request just finished today. Loved how it turned out (would have used it myself.) Somethings that I liked was, I used no brushes was all done with filters, smudging, layer styles, and erasing.
  2. SoupyC Sig Request

    Asked for something Eldar, found one off deviant art, spruced it up and made everything green, liked most of how it turn out.
  3. Up for grabs Eisenhorn sig.

    Have this in my sig thread. It is up for grabs. Which means if you like this sig and want it. ITS YOURS. I can throw in your name and put anything else you want, even change the color if need be. Just let me know!!!
  4. imm0rtal reaper sig request

    Found the picture of the chaos warrior somewhere, I think google.
1-5 of 5 Results