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  1. Eldar Army Lists
    Hi all, I'm a returning player (started Eldar back in 2nd edition) and thinking of starting an Iyanden army. Being true to fluff is important to me, having a mix of units, and generally just having fun. Not looking to enter tournaments but just to play games at the local club where I'll be...
  2. Ork Army Lists
    HI all this is my usual list just looking for any suggestions (not adding bikes) HQ Warboss, BC, TLS, EA, CB, AS-100 Big Mek, SAG, CB, EA-110 Elites Nobs, x9, BC, EA-270 Lootas, x10-150 Lootas, x10-150 Troops Boys, x30, shootas, Nob, BC-195 Boys, x30, shootas, Nob, BC-195 Boys, x30, shootas...
1-2 of 2 Results