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  1. Eldar Army Lists
    Mainly play pretty casually but i plan on entering a couple tourneys this year. thank you for the ideas and comments in advance :grin: HQ: Autarch on Jetbike w/ Laser lance, Mantle, and Banshee Mask. Farseer on Jetbike w/ Singing Spear Warlock Council on Bikes x4 w/ 2x singing spears...
  2. Eldar Army Lists
    This is a list which I played around with throughout the end of 5th going into 6th ed in the old codex. Having finally got my hands on the new codex, thought I'd give it a new lick of paint. Aim is to keep the *surprise!* element to the list; whilst also keeping it all footdar (including...
1-2 of 2 Results