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  1. Kickstarters
    Sci-Fi Orc Pirates is the latest Kickstarter from Macrocosm Miniatures, it is to fund a new range of 28mm white metal miniatures. It is funded and has unlocked the 1st stretch goal, the Mek with big gun and are close to unlocking the next one. It is also a 24hr campaign! Kickstarter link: link
  2. Trading Area
    Hi all, Currently looking for some of the old classic Warzone miniatures (the 28mm kind, not the ones from Prodos). I'm based in the UK so would look to ship to and from that country and possibly Europe (as I think Europe tends to be ok in terms of shipping). I'm currently looking for: -...
  3. Kickstarters
    Armoured Syndicate is Megaton Games latest Kickstarter for A range of 32mm mechs and post-apoc miniatures with rules for a skirmish game, set in the US deserts of the 22nd century. There is only 4 days left on the campaign, they are funded and have unlocked a few stretch goals. Armoured...
  4. Kickstarters
    We launched the KS on Friday 13th, an ill omen perhaps?. Nope, we funded in under 3 hours! The KS has not been without issues but I have rewritten the pledge levels and added the KS exclusive ‘Frontline’ to the Add-on store, which will make some people very happy:) and to make them even happier...
1-4 of 5 Results