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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another battle report. I put together a rather unorthodox Tyranid list to see how it would perform against the new marines. It was a very interesting match and I really enjoyed the style of play it brought. Really hope you all enjoy! Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000...
  2. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey all, we are back for a rematch of the Ultramarines and Salamanders. The last match was a nail biter right down to end of the game, so if you missed that one, be sure to take a look at the channel. This rematch definitely kept the same energy alive which made for a great game. Be sure to...
  3. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, its time for another battle report! With both the Ultramarines and Salamanders failing to stop the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ghidra, their respective commanders have setup a training simulation to develop their skills. These two respected Chapters face off in a battle to discover...
  4. 40k Battle Reports
    The Super Tyrant list returns with some slight modifications. I tried adding in a Mawloc and x2 Lictors into the list to see how they could perform with secondary objectives/distraction from my main force. The Salamanders force made some adjustments from the previous list and are looking to...
  5. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another Battle Report. Just in time to kick off your Saturday morning with another rematch with the Tyranids and Salamanders. This time I brought a Prime/Warrior centered list. I planb on building upon the list and seeing how a Levi list compares to running them as...
  6. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone! Back for another battle report with a mission from the GT 2020 pack. This time I tryout a Super Flyrant Behemoth build supported by a Kronos Patrol. I also tried switching up the typical Neurothrope HQ for the patrol with a Broodlord. I was curious of the melee offensive power vs...
  7. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another report! This time we upped the points to 2000 and are using the new board dimensions. This was one of the closest matches we have had on the channel. Let me know what you think and I would really appreciate it if you dropped a sub. Tyranids Vs...
  8. 40k Battle Reports
    We're back with the next mission from the BRB Eternal War pack. This time I tried to bring a few not so common units/loadouts with the Tyranids. It was a great back and forth battle with some crazy and hilarious events! Be sure to subscribe and show some support! On the road to 1000 subs...
  9. 40k Battle Reports
    The Tyranid and Salamander clash rages on! The Leviathan fleet receives reinforcements from a Kronos Patrol while the Salamanders reorganize and change up their force to take the Tyranids down once and for all. I've added in army lists to the video and video description. Still working on...
  10. 40k Battle Reports
    We're back for a rematch! I switched up my list to tryout a Leviathan list using a dual Acid Fex. Fixed up some camera issues so it is much more clear and easier to follow along with. Please let me know what you think, and a subscribe would mean a lot! Lastly, if you notice any rule errors...
  11. WIP Marine

    WIP Marine

    My WIP for the armor on my marine, Having an artistic background led me to not use extreme highlights if possible and I think the result is ok for the first time I've applied artistic principals to a miniature.
  12. Salamanders


  13. salamanders rhino

    salamanders rhino

    rhino with extra armor and self-seeking missile
  14. salamanders landspeeder

    salamanders landspeeder

  15. salamanders front rank

    salamanders front rank

    front photo
  16. salamanders dread and termies

    salamanders dread and termies

    dread and termies in self-mixed green
  17. salamanders HQ and tacs

    salamanders HQ and tacs

    salamanders,started before C:armageddon,redone once,not actualized to SM2004
  18. Salamanders predator Destructor

    Salamanders predator Destructor

    old pred. destructor (metal parts) with flamer sponsons
  19. 1k salamanders

    1k salamanders

    my salamanders,build before/ at C:armageddon