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  1. 40k Rules Discussion
    So my friend has a Tyrannofex with 3 weapons, (Powerful Limbs, Rupture cannon, and stinger salvo) The unit has 4 attacks, so he was wondering if it can attack using the rupture cannon all 4 times leading to 12 shots being fired each shooting phase from this unit. Can he do this and if so, are...
  2. 40k Rules Discussion
    Hi, I’m currently making a 500 point Astra Militarum army and I have a squad of 5 Tempstus Scions (One being a Tempestor). In this squad I have 2 with Special weapons (1 melta, and 1 grenade launcher). I know that for every 5 models in a Tempestus Scion unit, up to two models can have a special...
  3. 40k Rules Discussion
    Hey guys, I was playing a game with Daemons a few days ago and came across a rules disagreement with the person I was playing against. I had a few Heralds of Tzeentch, and they were all using Malefic Daemonology and two of them had rolled Cursed Earth, I was wondering if it stacked or not, and...
1-3 of 3 Results