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  1. Kickstarters
    Kobold Press Bestiary: A Collection Of Fantasy Miniatures is Effin Cool Miniatures latest Kickstarter. It is for a licence to produce a range of 28mm white metal miniatures based on the character classes and creatures from Kobold Presses "Midgard" campaign setting, as well as their "the Tome of...
  2. Roleplay Games
    BBC script writer, comic-book creator and Sci-Fi MMO author, Adrian Reynolds, discusses how tabletop roleplaying games helped him to become a creative writer. http://atthamovies.com/tabletop-rpgs-shaped-my-ability-to-write-well/
  3. Roleplay Games
    Hello all, You may have heard about this on the FFG forums, or on another 40k RPG site - but we recently started a podcast devoted to role playing in the Warhammer 40,000 universe - particularly the FFG series of games. Our show is called the Grim Dark Podcast. We have six episodes out at the...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I've made this account a while ago, but disappeared as quickly as I came. I'm in college now so there's some more room to fill in my time and I'm interested in joining this forum. I'm also looking for any RPG that's still looking for players, though I do not know any of the official 40k RPG game...
  5. Roleplay Games
    hey - I'm getting a Dark Heresy game going and was wondering if you're interested. We will play using the following:Skype (or G+ hangout) for audio; maptool for the map and rolling; a spreadsheet to generate the characters and hamachi for easier connectivity. We can play at anytime (put your...
  6. Trading Area
    *Prices do not include shipping* Haves: Warhammer: Warhammer fantasy hardback Daemons of chaos book-$35 5 Imperial Guard Ogryn painted- $75 Imperial Armor Apocalypse second edition -$50 box of bitz- mostly chaos and IG bitz but a random mix of things- $30 1 oop metal daemon prince with no...
1-6 of 8 Results