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    It is about sky pirates your race can be any fantasy or sci fi chracter here is the character format Name: (can be anything) Joseph SkyShawdow Age:17 Gender:Male Race: Neko (can be anything) Looks (you can descibe or just get a pic preferably anime)...
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    Hello, person who is reading this! I'm AncientRiepold, and I approve the following short bio. - How did you find us? Literally Google. Typed in "Warhammer 40k Roleplaying Forums", and this was the first result. - Your location. I live in a small city in Ontario, Canada. - High School...
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    BBC script writer, comic-book creator and Sci-Fi MMO author, Adrian Reynolds, discusses how tabletop roleplaying games helped him to become a creative writer. http://atthamovies.com/tabletop-rpgs-shaped-my-ability-to-write-well/