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  1. Modelling and Painting
    Hi everyone, Im looking for various tips/tricks for converting a nurgle rhino. My idea was to use acetone to eat away at the plastics to give a rotten/diseased look to certain parts, and break the monotony of the plates. However this dosnt seem to have the desired effect. Does anyone have any...
  2. Trading Area
    topic deleted This topic can now be deteled
  3. General 40k
    I know forgeworld used to sell black templars rhino upgrades and no longer sells them. I have plenty of black templars tank upgrade parts form games-workshop, so wont be getting any more from them. I am looking for a company that sells black templars rhino rear door ramp, (some time called...
  4. eBay Listings
    Hi, I have just listed 26 Warhammer 40k eBay listings that will end on Sunday 22nd September. They are a mixture of space marines and tau that I am not using for my own armies. Most items are previously painted, but not all of them. Everything is starting for under £1, and if you’re looking to...
  5. Blood Raven Rhino

    Blood Raven Rhino

    This is my Blood Raven Rhino that i still need to finish Stormbolter needs adding to it and also Chapter Badge and other markings
  6. Plague Marines and Chaos Rhino

    Plague Marines and Chaos Rhino

    4 hours of paint and a spilled pot of Badab Black later...
  7. Sisters of Battle Rhino

    Sisters of Battle Rhino

  8. Slaanesh squad with rhino

    Slaanesh squad with rhino

    I really like the idea of the Black Legion being made up of lots of warbands sharing a common purpose to destroy the Imperium but maintaining their own armour and beliefs. The squad are adherents of Slaanesh and have the Black Legion icon on their shoulder pads.
  9. Black Templar "Icarus" Rhino

    Black Templar "Icarus" Rhino

    just another shot of my WIP for Cole's Black Templar army
  10. Black Templar "Icarus" Rhino

    Black Templar "Icarus" Rhino

    Just a spur of the moment thing I did for my Boyfriend, Cole. Not done yet... just a WIP
  11. Deathguard


    Another side of the second Rhino.
  12. Deathguard


    Second Rhino. Some of the reds are a little washed out in these photos. The big veins don't looks so uniformly red in person. :(
  13. Deathguard


    Another angle of the Rhino.
  14. Deathguard


    Plague Rhino Forgeworld doors and front plate.
  15. Slaanesh Rhino

    Slaanesh Rhino

    A Slaanesh Rhino to carry my Noise Marines. First time at painting a Tank. Pretty pleased with it.