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  1. Kickstarters
    Outlanders Phase #2 is the latest Kickstarter By Blind Begger Miniatures, its running for 7 days and its continuing the Outlanders range with characters and their companions. they are 28mm and cast in white metal. The range consists of a Customs Officer with Sensor-Bot, Mayor with Mechanical...
  2. Kickstarters
    The Secret Of Innsmouth - 28mm Deep One Hybrids is the 5th Kickstarter by Blind Begger Miniatures offering a selection of 28mm scale Deep One hybrids and government officers cast in white metal. Their previous 4 Kickstarter campaigns were all successfully funded and fulfilled quickly with no...
  3. Kickstarters
    New York Bop by Ghetto Miniatures is now live on Kickstarter and already 50% funded. New York Bop is a tabletop skirmish game set in the 1970s, gangs battle it out over a campaign map of the New York City boroughs or just in one-off games. There are 4 starter gangs to choose from, with various...
1-3 of 3 Results