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  1. 40k Rules Discussion
    Hey guys, I was playing a game with Daemons a few days ago and came across a rules disagreement with the person I was playing against. I had a few Heralds of Tzeentch, and they were all using Malefic Daemonology and two of them had rolled Cursed Earth, I was wondering if it stacked or not, and...
  2. 40k Rules Discussion
    I would like to ask if anyone knows what happened to the +3 leadership that daemons of Tzeentch get when they cast psychic powers? Does that bonus disappear? Or has it been changed to something else?
  3. 40k Rules Discussion
    Does eneverate take place before or after any strength multiplier? such as a power fist. I am considering its utility if rolled on a spiritseer to be placed in a large group of wraithblades, turning a group of terminators to S6 would be a decided advantage.
  4. 40k Tactics
    For me it has to be the following in this order: 1) Prescience (Divination Primaris)- This power is just amazing, re-roll all failed to hit rolls in both shooting and cc is seriously powerful and almost criminal for the cost of 1 warp charge. 2) Foreboding (#1 Divination Power) - Another...
1-4 of 4 Results