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  1. Horus Heresy
    I've taken the dive into building my own 30K AU, all original Primarchs and Legions, and have a Discord set up where it's being discussed and critiqued. If anyone is interested, give me a DM for a link.
  2. Trading Area
    Primarch figure Mortarion - Unused, unassembled, unpainted and undamaged. Looking to sell for about £45. Anyone outside of the UK will need to discuss subsidising shipping costs and possible negotiation over price. This model is currently being shipped to me from Canada as will the rest of my...
  3. Project Logs
    The Horus Heresy "Sometimes the only victory possible is to keep your opponent from winning." The Emperor of Mankind Dramatis Personae The Master of Mankind; The Emperor The Custodian Guard The Primarchs I Lion El’Johnson II [DELETED FROM IMPERIAL RECORD] III Fulgrim IV Perturabo V...
  4. 40k Fluff
    This question has probably been discussed many times before but I have not found a thread that particularly talks in depths about this anywhere. So I was just wondering and my question is Who do you think will win if the current 40k Abaddon were to fight a Pre Heresy Primarch in single hand...
  5. General 40k
    So as we know The Lion and Guilliman r two loyalist primarchs of who's current status is known. The Lion is sleeping in The Rock and Guilliman is being held in stasis. My question is do u ever think that we will c either of these two primarchs in action again. In the case of The Lion I'd like to...
1-5 of 5 Results