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  1. Burning Fury Predator

    The completed portions for my Blood Angels successors, the Angels of Fire.
  2. predator

  3. Deathguard

    Predator 2. . . the left side.
  4. Deathguard

    Predator 2, same configuration. Twin Linked Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter. Although the HB spronsons are attached with magnets so . . .
  5. Deathguard

    Predator eye close up. "Eye see you." I kid with people that this tank has a BS of 5! :D
  6. Deathguard

    Chaos Predator. Daemonic Possession. (gee ya' think?) Twin Linked Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter Spronsons
  7. Predator "Malice" 3

    This predator is a conversion using the turret and sponson mounts from the FW Predator Mk.IVc. I had to make the sponson weapons from an extra Razorback turret I had and some epoxy putty. If you give a rating, please leave a comment explaining it and please make any criticism constructive, thank you
1-9 of 9 Results