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  1. Pre Heresy Dreadnought side

    To get a better view, heres his side.
  2. Pre Heresy Dreadnought Legs

    Another picture, back of his legs.
  3. Pre heresy Dreadnought

    I know they have rounded torsos but i'm not that good.
  4. Jet bike

    Not finished of course but heres the start of a pre heresy jet bike
  5. Pre Heresy Thousand Son Sergeants

    Three of my sergeants, also converted from "nexus 30th century warriors"
  6. Pre Heresy Thousand Son Assault Marines

    Here are two of my assault marines, their jump packs are from the "nexus warriors".
  7. Other Marines

    These two are "Nexus 30th century warriors" but I thought the armour was quite cool, added afew 40k bits to them.
  8. Pre Heresy Thousand son Marines

    Two standard marines, one mk5 the other mk3
  9. Pre Heresy Thousand Son Sorcerors

    Here are my two sorcerors, one built from an Ahriman model and the other a newish marine liberian.
1-9 of 9 Results