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  1. Black Library Book Reviews
    CL Werner 'Dead Winter' Review Now let me start off by saying that I consider myself professional in my reviews. I would never scathe for the sake of scathing, it is rude and disrespectful to an author who has put a lot of hard work into their product. I almost dislike being negative about a...
  2. Deathguard

    Nurgle Daemon Prince Baron Von Krieger "I . . see you."
  3. Deathguard

    Nurgle Daemon Prince Baron Von Krieger
  4. Deathguard

    Nurgle Daemon Prince Baron Von Krieger
  5. Deathguard

    Nurgle Daemon Prince Baron Von Kreiger
  6. Deathguard

    Nurgle Daemon Prince. The Baron Von Kreiger This model was inspired by a friend of mine (Jason Eaton). Jason does a lot of fantastic work mostly on Maschinen Krieger models. Link to Jason's stuff: http://www.roboterkampf.com/
  7. Deathguard

    Nurgle Land Raider - Left Side
  8. Deathguard

    Nurgle Land Raider and Crew.
  9. Deathguard

    Nurgle Land Raider - Right Side
  10. Deathguard

    Nurgle Land Raider - Back Sorry so blurry.
  11. Deathguard

    Nurgle Land Raider
  12. Deathguard

    Chaos Terminator Aspiring Champion
  13. Deathguard

    Chaos Land Raider
  14. Deathguard

    Land Raider - Nurgle
  15. Deathguard

    Ahhh.. Maggotcoil. My favorite Daemon Prince. Maggotcoil was created before they had a Nurgle Daemon Prince. The lower body is from a heresy model (The Tunnel Dweller) which I think you can still get. The Scythe was created from scratch. The wood part is cut from balsa and the blade from plast
  16. Deathguard

    MAGGOTCOIL! Greater Daemon Prince of Nurgle! RAWR! Left Side.
1-20 of 64 Results