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  1. General 40k
    Hello! I am just curious to see how many people in the area would be interested in getting together painting or playing in a cafe environment. I run a small cafe in ambleside and think it would be a perfect spot for all of us to get together weekly, monthly just whenever really and paint, play...
  2. Modelling and Painting
    Starting my second ever unit - my Tyranid Warriors and the Prime. What worked, what sucked, what ruled. Bitchute Youtube
  3. Modelling and Painting
    Hi there. I've been using army painter spray and was wondering if anyone can help comment on this texture that I keep getting. Is it caused by the spray or maybe my painting? That's black undercoat, with GW gold paint then blood angels contrast paint. Cheers warriors!
  4. Converting, Modelling and Green Stuff
    Hey everyone, I put together a video to show the method I used to magnetize my Tyranid Monsters/Weapons. Hope you all enjoy. Please leave a comment and subscribe if you liked the video.
  5. Scenery & Basing
    For those of you unfamiliar the podcast Welcome to Night Vale is set in an unknown part of the American southwest. The townspeople consider weird things that happen to be perfectly normal, celebrate holidays differently, live side by side with monsters and extra-dimensional deities as well as...
  6. Painting and Airbrushing
    Here are some finished Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch. These are new models that can be found in both the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and in a box set with Blue Horrors. In the fluff, Pink Horrors are the jovial automatons of Tzeentch, and when they are dealt a mortal wound, they split into...
  7. New Member Introductions
    So... what do I write? As is most likely apparent, I am an Ultramarines collector/player, which is made quite obvious by my choice of username (I was a bit surprised it wasn't taken already though), though I do have other collections as well. I started off playing Warhammer fantasy in 6th...
  8. Modelling and Painting
    I got him in a job lot of stuff. His sword was broken and the previous owner had hacked away the base. full post and more pictures Here
  9. Modelling and Painting
    I am 100% new to painting. I have only watched videos and am not knowledgeable on artist techniques. Anyways, I've completed this Vanguard and it seems something is not working. I don't know if there are to many colors or what. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks
  10. Modelling and Painting
    I painted a Harlequin troupe as the sailor scouts from Sailor Moon plus a Tuxedo Mask. I'm kind of happy with how they turned out. Of course there's always room for improvement though.
  11. Modelling and Painting
    Hi everyone! I'm new to Warhammer, but not so new to modelling stuff. A friend of mine recently got me into Warhammer 40K, and I'm slowly building my Harlequin army. This past weekend I painted the Solitaire in a Joker-themed color scheme. Any critiques or tips are welcome. This is kinda...
  12. Painting and Modelling Services
    Zack Cart | Custom Sculpting and Painting Rates vary. Depending on the sculpt, I range from $4-10/mm. That said, the best way to figure out what your sculpt would cost is to use my pricing guesstimator and to fiddle around with the options. If you would like you can also see a gallery of...
  13. Project Logs
    So I'm creating this project log to detail my tau's journey from the grey army to the army of red and blue, and to receive any tips or suggest from the community. I guess I'll start off with the list of paints I'm using; Abbadon black Stegadon scale green(I think it's actually more blue than...
  14. Modelling and Painting
    Hey all! So I'm getting ready to paint my Chaos Dwarf army and I had a few preliminary questions before I got into it. I'm sure you're all familiar with Blue Table Gaming. They basically paint armies and sell them for insane prices... Aside from that; the gentleman that runs the show put...
  15. Project Logs
    Hey guys I'm new to the site, but I've been learning to play 40k and painting in my off time so I thought I'd post the progression of my painting experience and turn this into a bit of a painting blog. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated :) I'll be posting from oldest to the most...
  16. 40k Fluff
    So I've come back from an almost 20 year break, when I was younger I played Catachan Imps and use to paint them orange, because it was the color that I could best finish probably. Now that I'm older, with better sense of color and muscle control I am starting another Catachan II Regiment...
  17. Project Logs
    Right, time to jump into this whole project log business. Introduction I love Chaos. Simple as that. I think that both the Chaos Daemons and Chaos Space Marines are awesome armies, with great variety and some very awesome looking models. They were my first choice and my last - I've never...
  18. Modelling and Painting
    Hi, I'm am looking to paint some Ulthwe style Eldar. How would I go about painting Black and Wraithbone? Also does anyone else have any other painting tips for Eldar?
  19. Project Logs
    As some of you know, I've been playing Sisters of Battle as my main army since late-2010/early-2011. And if you didn't, I've been playing Sisters of Battle since late-2010/early-2011. But something that I've only mentioned in passing is that I've been playing the army this entire time mostly...
  20. Project Logs
    OK. So heres the beginning of what will hopefully become a much larger force of Marines. My collection to date includes a Captain, Chaplain, Tech marine (Converted from bits and pieces but will be redone),2 command Squads (which also double as veteran squads), 3x10 man tactical squad with...
1-20 of 34 Results