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  1. Modelling and Painting
    ey guys i am new to w40k and i was looking up the color schemes i saw alot o diffrent ones and i was like wow how do i choose if i make my own one would i need to make a codex or something like that and also i was thinking about black and white but people tell me its harder then other paint...
  2. Modelling and Painting
    Hi. I've just recently decided to get back into 40k and i going for a chaos army but i would like some help with painting. I was going to go for a 'purge' army scheme but i can figure out what paints to buy. currently I've only got a squad of cultists, which is where I'm having the problems...
  3. Modelling and Painting
    Title says it all I guess. Could anyone please list how they go about painting their scythes of the emperor army, I'm wanting to start an army of theirs and I'm wondering if I already have the colors and washes best suited for their color heraldry. And does anybody know where I can get some...
  4. Paint sceme test, feedback please

    Here are some og the paint schemes or rather ideas for paint schemes that I am considering for my army of Nids. They are all quickly painted so the quality as a bit of, but I guess the general idea of the colours I want to use is there. Please come with feedback and/or ideas to paint schemes.
1-4 of 5 Results