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  1. eBay Listings
    Perfect german headphones Sennheiser PX 100. Designed elements made of plum tree wood, coloured and covered with one thin varnish layer. Earpads made of cloth (70%сotton 30%elastane). Weight is about 210g - like usual dj headphones so it's completely comfortable to wear the headphones for a...
  2. Ork Army Lists
    hi need help again making some lists again i got alot more orks this time and dont know an efficient way to field them 1000,1500, 2000 Heres what i got 140 ork boys 15 shootas 8 bikes 6 kopters 4 trukks 3 killa kans 1 dreadnaught 10 rocket assault guys 8 burna boy 8 heavy mechine guys...
  3. Ork Army Lists
    I need some help making a ork list 500, 1000 and maybe a 1500 my friends are very casual and dont care about specifics on the characters if you say it has something(like a sm with a bolter can have a plama gun if you want) ork troops i have : 3 ork kopters 54 ork shoota 2 ork powerclaw 5 ork...
  4. Ork Army Lists
    There are two aspects of orks that i wanted to collect, Blood Axes and a Gorka-Morka cult. And, I wanted to be able to stuff them into a single list at 1850. The total pool of forces available should reach 2200pts, something like that, so some units can get swapped in and out as needed. I have a...
  5. Project Logs
    Started an Ork army in Winter of 2013. Slowly but steadily adding new models each month or so. Many are magnetized for conversion. These pics are older and many new pieces are completed. I intend to do a better photography job going forward. Let me know what you think.
  6. 40k Rules Discussion
    can a morkanaut mek pilot repair the morkanaut?
  7. General 40k
    This is my experience with my first game of seventh edition and the new ork codex. Ill do a brief overview of my thoughts on 7th then go by unit to unit review. My List Big mek ( in morkanaut) Warboss 3 kommandos with snikrot and 2 burnas 3 squads of 14 shoots boxy 1squad of gretchins Burna...
  8. 40k Rules Discussion
    big mek, kff, warbike joins 5 nobs, warbikes ?
  9. 40k Rules Discussion
    maybe a dumb question, but i have no one else to ask: can a big mek have a warbike and a kustom force field?
  10. Project Logs
    Hello and welcome! After registering last week, I'm going to share my main army building project with you - my green horde. When I first started playing 40K, I chose the Eldar but I never really got satisfied with them. It was not the playstyle I disliked, but I did not find a colour-scheme I...
  11. Tutorial Requests
    I have looked everywhere i can think of but have yet to find a tutorial on how to paint black orc armor. Yes i have seen black armor tutorials but mainly for stuff like space marines and the like. Black orcs are obviously bery different beings with a very different look. Im looking for a metalic...
  12. Ork Army Lists
    Hey there everyone, In my local gaming ‘club’ we have Tau, Eldar, me as Orkz (in this example) and a tyranid player, the Eldar and Tau are at least fairly underpowered so it is usually biased in my favour for those matches, this might change as these players get more experienced, our codices...
  13. Evil Sunz Ork Warboss Close Up

    Close up of power klaw of as of yet unnamed Evil Sunz Warboss.
  14. Evil Sunz Orks Mob 4

    Evil Sunz Warboss and his 15 boyz mobbed up.
  15. Evil Sunz Ork Warboss

    As of yet unnamed Evil Sunz Ork Warboss.
  16. Spanner with Wrench [Back]

    Gorkamorka Ork Spanner Boy Back View Sprue Date: 1997 Sprue Code: 040300501 Out of Production: Yes
  17. Spanner with Wrench [Front]

    Gorkamorka Ork Spanner Boy Front View Sprue Date: 1997 Sprue Code: 040300501 Out of Production: Yes
  18. Evil Sunz Orks Mob 3

    Evil Sunz Orks mobbed up. Total 15.
  19. Evil Sunz Ork M3-2F

    Evil Sunz Ork boy, front view.
1-19 of 137 Results