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  1. Human Blood Bowl Team

    The purple helmetted warriors - human blood bowl team with ogre
  2. Gnoblar unit

    This is the whole unit
  3. Knoblar unit

    Love the Bretonnian theme. This is a bunch of gnoblars carrying a dead maeater into battle. Point for point gnoblars are the best unit in warhammer
  4. Rhinox Rider

    Scratch built the rhinox and banner. Have two of these I should make more tho
  5. Ogre Hunter

    Did this one for the Oz 06 GD. It made it thru to regional but didnt get into the finals as it didnt fit into the Warhammer genre. Oh well I still like it myself.
  6. Damsels II

    A better pic of the girls.
  7. Damsels

    To go witht he theme my butchers are Damsels.
  8. Man eaters

    This guys are part of my Bretonnian Ogre Army.
1-8 of 8 Results