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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    Hi everyone! Many many years ago I played a bit of fantasy battles, and I just re-discovered the joy of these little plastic bundles of joy. As I have a few friends who play 40k, and after I realised that fantasy battles is dead (?), I set my eyes on 40k and an old favourite - Space wolves...
  2. Xenos Tactics
    I'd like to talk about the basics from where to start assembling a list for pure Dark Eldar (master race) lists. I see a lot of newby DE players asking for help in listbuilding and falling in what i think are small traps laid by the codex itself. I'll try a simple and wide approach from where...
  3. Warhammer Tactics
    Oi-o guys, I'm just starting to break my teeth on fantasy after playing 40k for a bit. I've decided to go with Lizardmen and want to be competitive at my local game shop. Any tips for a noob?
  4. General Warhammer
    I recently played my first Warhammer battle with 3 friends who are fairly knowledgeable about the game (2000 pnt, vampire counts vs lizard people. Was awesome). After the battle I was quite determinant about getting in on the action. I looked into the armys of warhammer fantasy, and the one I...
  5. New Member Introductions
    (i posted this in the grey knights army list section before checking my messages and realizing i should have posted it here) But hello everyone, I've been skimming over a bunch of blogs the past week or so and decided I'd join this one. Thanks for having me and I hope with time and experience I...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Alreet peeps, im new to the game, well new again, i used to play(ish) when i was about 12 ( 28 now) a hell of a lot different now i tell thee, just picked up dark vengeance which was what lured me back, please tell me im not the only one thats taking ages to get to grips...
1-6 of 6 Results