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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Got a match in with a classic opponent of mine, the Salamanders! Always a great time when the sons of Vulkan throw down with my Tyranids. Was nice to have them back on the channel after a long break from this pairing. With this, I had to bust out Old One Eye as its been too long since he has...
  2. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, we are back for another battle report. I put together a rather unorthodox Tyranid list to see how it would perform against the new marines. It was a very interesting match and I really enjoyed the style of play it brought. Really hope you all enjoy! Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000...
  3. Trading Area
    anyone know how much I should ask for some circa 1991 plastic tyranid warriors? new on sprue and the box is in pretty good condition too! Anyone on here want to buy them?
  4. 40k Battle Reports
    The Space Wolves return to take on the Tyranids. This time it is a Maelstrom of War mission where all objective X cards are up for grabs as the SPOILS OF WAR. Hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for tons more! Tyranids Vs Space Wolves 1850 Pts Spoils of War watch?v=ukIANosIx24&feature=youtu.be
  5. Tyranid Army Lists
    My friend and I are just getting into 40k. I created this list and thought I would throw it out into the inter webs for thoughts, criticism, and advice. I know I am going against the norm for have Warriors as the foundation. If this list is a horrible idea, I'm ok with that. I need to learn. I...
  6. Trading Area
    Hey guys, I've nearly finished painting a large Tyranid army (Hive Fleet Mordecai) and it will shortly be in need of a good home. The models total about 2700pts without upgrades and are worth over £520 new in store. A quick list of all the models on offer: HQ - 1 x Hive Tyrant w. Wings &...
  7. Paint sceme test, feedback please

    Here are some og the paint schemes or rather ideas for paint schemes that I am considering for my army of Nids. They are all quickly painted so the quality as a bit of, but I guess the general idea of the colours I want to use is there. Please come with feedback and/or ideas to paint schemes.
1-7 of 7 Results