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  1. Space Marine Army Lists
    Maybe this is a tad too much for a brand new player to the 40k table top to take on, But after my friend suggested to me to convert Guilliman's model into Lion El john son i just have to do it and field him in my army and im really new to the whole 40k table top and making a 350 point model work...
  2. General 40k
    Like the title says, I'm looking to get into W40k, and I'm having trouble deciding on an army to begin with. My playstyle has never been full-frontal assaults, nor overwhelming firepower. I'm more inclined to using long range sniping, stealth and keeping the enemy confused and unbalanced. After...
  3. The Empire Army Lists
    So I recently decided to go empire and have been looking at the Empire army list to see what i should get. Now I know everyone says I should get the battalion but i wont because i would rather fine tune my army completely than have to build around a battalion box. Now I wanted to make a army...
  4. Wargaming Clubs
    I know there is a Games Workshop chapter here in Edmonton, but am looking for smaller groups - especially for new players with armies less then 1,000pts :search:
  5. Ork Army Lists
    Good day everyone. I am new to Warhammer and to the thread - and myself along with my 2 teens, are getting into the game, after attending a few games at a local Game Workshop event. I have decided to go with Orks as my primary because I love the idea of running straight into the face of the...
  6. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    *edited* Good day everyone! I would like to say that myself and 2 kids have decided to join the ranks of Warhammer and are getting into the game. I have a few friends that play and I'm looking to get started. Of course - with every game, a person needs help in knowing where to start ...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hi folks! New to the community and new to WH 40k. Having looked at the game and reading the novels for years my brother-in-law and I finally decided to split The Dark Vengeance box. So any advice on tactics, army build is most welcome.
  8. General 40k
    So, I currently play Eldar. Not a lot, I've only just started. But I'd like to have a second army to work on when I'm feeling tired of painting and assembling space elves. I'm looking for something with a relatively low model count, and doesn't cost a fortune to play. I've been told that Blood...
1-8 of 8 Results