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  1. Grey Knights Army Lists
    Hi, I'm building a 1850 points list for an upcoming league in my hometown. Most players use Tau, eldar or even GK. I wanted to try a pair of formations that seem complementary each other, this is the list: -GK Nemesis Strike Force HQ Librarian ML3, warding stave, storm bolter, Domina liber...
  2. Grey Knights Army Lists
    I am completely new to grey knights and this is my first army list attempt. The army will use the nemesis strike force formation. Any criticism is welcome, so here it is: brother captain 189 cuirass of sacrifice psycannon nemesis force falchions TROOPS: 5 terminators 212 2 halberds 2 falchions...
  3. Grey Knights Army Lists
    A little bit in advance, but there is a friendly tournament in April, and I would like to fix (and improve) my list so that I have time to paint it up and play test it. I have two lists that have both been playtested, but need help to choose between the two. Tournament restrictions: Only 1 ally...
1-3 of 3 Results