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  1. General 40k
    I have no idea why the necrons codex is out of stock but I need one that's undamaged and ebay only has undamaged ones that aren't rip-offs. What to do?
  2. Modelling and Painting
    I always figured that necron common soldiery should have more equipment options than just guns, so for this project I wanted to depict immortals as having a close combat armament. Gamewise they'll count as lychguard, lorewise they'll count as a unit of Anrakyr's Phyrrian Eternals kitted out for...
  3. General 40k
    The new Necron models are simply disgusting! Something needs to be done. This petition has the answers! Sign this if you're a proper Necron collector! :ok: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-back-the-old-necrons
  4. eBay Listings
    Trying to clear out some unfinished, or started at all for that matter, army projects. First on the chopping board is a Necron Megaforce: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181459330995 No reserve, free postage.
  5. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another batrep here for you! Got in a game at my local GW store against a Necron player. Enjoy, jvrcCrzbRQQ
  6. Trading Area
    Hey folks, first time selling here but I have 5 successful sales on Dakka Dakka and 22 on Bartertown. I am looking to sell these as I have bills to pay. Looking to get ~50% of value for them but negotiations will work in your favor the more you buy. I am located in the southern U.S. and will...
  7. General 40k
    I'm new to 40k and will be playing Necrons. I have the battleforce box and want to build up my force to first 1000 points then 2000 and I'll be doing it pretty quickly with just a couple big purchases so I can get to playing. Competitive play sounds like fun and I will definitely play some...
  8. 40k Tactics
    The Necrons, last codex released under 5th ed rules, seems to have been written with 6th ed in mind I believe. The units and abilities did not lose much and in the case of things like the flyers got even better. What experiences do you guys have against this army? I have only played them...
  9. Homebrew 40k Fluff
    The Anubitekh Dynasty, a small dynasty, yet boasting a Phaeron. Only a handful of tomb worlds, yet dominating an entire sector. Never of great political importance to the Necron Empire, yet always making decisions of great severity. Some of the finest Crypteks herald from the Anubitekh worlds...
  10. 40k Rules Discussion
    Blissgiver is a daemon weapon with an instant kill property. Does this mean that it can kill necrons without them coming back even if they have a res orb? If not, are there any other weaknesses that necrons have that I can exploit as Chaos? Oh btw, first post! WHOOOO!!!! :D
  11. Modelling and Painting
    I am thinking of doing a Steampunk paint scheme for my Necrons, but I have not dealt with painting a lot, and my previous gold/black/green scheme was awful, so I was wondering if I could get some help. My current plan is to do a black primer, Hashnut Copper base coat all over, then keeping main...
  12. Trading Area
    Before I get your hopes up or anything I'd say that this is aimed at people who live near Canberra, Australia (however minor that portion of people is on here). So for sale are 2 sets of necron immortals/deathmarks, 2 sets of warriors and a set of lychguard/praetorians. I've only opened them to...
  13. Necron

    Necron shooting his gauss killinator. ...What? Thats all!
  14. Sister Superior, are you SURE we shouldn't call for backup?

    On the mountain fastness of Alhambra XII, the sisterhood disturb an ancient tomb...
1-15 of 18 Results