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  1. Kickstarters
    Hi All, I'm a few days into my latest Kickstarter Project - Modu-FAB. Its already at over 300% funded with most of the bonus stretch goals unlocked! More information here The aim of this project is to not only produce some great looking 3D printable terrain, but also design it in...
  2. Project Logs
    I'm going to be posting "how to" videos for gaming, scale model making, pen and paper RPGs, and flying my drone in the wilderness - because flying robots are awesome. My most recent video is a tutorial for making a necromunda style stubber pistol for under $10. I'm a big believer in not...
  3. Kickstarters
    Hey guys, my new set of 3D printable modular 28mm sci-fi terrain is live on Kickstarter. It's split over 3 pledge levels, and features over 230 STL files at the highest pledge. Fully funded in under 20 minutes, the second stretch goal has unlocked, with more files to come. Plenty of options are...
  4. Project Logs
    So lately I've been having pipe dreams about playing 40k again at some point - I've gotten more into the modeling and painting aspect of the hobby over the last year or two, and have decided to start building some terrain so that I can put together a board to play 40k or <s>Necromunda</s> Shadow...
  5. Necromunda Van Saar Leader and Heavy

    Necromunda Van Saar Leader and Heavy

  6. Necromunda Van Saar Gangers

    Necromunda Van Saar Gangers

  7. Necromunda Delaque Leader and Heavy

    Necromunda Delaque Leader and Heavy

  8. Necromunda Delaque Juves

    Necromunda Delaque Juves

  9. Necromunda Cawdor Leader and Heavy

    Necromunda Cawdor Leader and Heavy

  10. Necromunda Cawdor Juves

    Necromunda Cawdor Juves