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  1. Mortarian Platoon Part 2B

    Mortarian Platoon Part 2B

    The finished 3rd squad and my replacement Sergeants
  2. Mortarian Head Close Up

    Mortarian Head Close Up

    A close up of a painted head
  3. Mortarian Sergeants WIP

    Mortarian Sergeants WIP

    Two WIP replacement sergeants for my original 2 squads now that they have to have pistol and CCW
  4. Mortarian Platoon Part 2 WIP

    Mortarian Platoon Part 2 WIP

    Squads 3 and 4 of my first platoon WIP
  5. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Mortarian Guardsmen

    Painted the armour on a batch of 5 IG
  6. Mortarian Heavy Weapons Teams

    Mortarian Heavy Weapons Teams

    Basecoated the heavy weapon team
  7. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Mortarian Guardsmen

    Undercoated and basecoated fatigues
  8. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Mortarian Guardsmen

    Cleaned and assembled Cadian body and Legs with Kolony Militia heads
  9. Mortarian 317th Infantry Squads

    Mortarian 317th Infantry Squads

    2 IG Infantry Squads