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  1. Mortarian Platoon Part 2B

    The finished 3rd squad and my replacement Sergeants
  2. Mortarian Head Close Up

    A close up of a painted head
  3. Mortarian Sergeants WIP

    Two WIP replacement sergeants for my original 2 squads now that they have to have pistol and CCW
  4. Mortarian Platoon Part 2 WIP

    Squads 3 and 4 of my first platoon WIP
  5. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Painted the armour on a batch of 5 IG
  6. Mortarian Heavy Weapons Teams

    Basecoated the heavy weapon team
  7. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Undercoated and basecoated fatigues
  8. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Cleaned and assembled Cadian body and Legs with Kolony Militia heads
1-9 of 9 Results