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  1. Kickstarters
    Dwarves At Arms is the latest Kickstarter By Macrocosom Miniatures for a range of Crusader and Norman Dwarves sculpted by Alessio Cisbani in 28mm and cast in white metal. It is a 30 day campaign, its has been funded and is working its way to the first stretch goal...
  2. Kickstarters
    War Is Coming: Forest Goblins Is Shieldwolf Miniatures latest Kickstarter designed to be used in their future game "War Is Coming" and "9th Age". They are off to a good start and have some great SGs planned for monstrous beasts and weapon upgrades for the goblins to name a few. Kickstarter...
  3. Kickstarters
    Dark Dwarves is Macrocosm latest Kickstarter for Chaos Dwarves, which are suitable for all types of fantasy games or RPGs, it is funded and not far of unlocking the first stretch goal, the Slave Trolls. The basic sets to choose from before stretch goals are unlocked: A unit of 5 Crossbows A...
1-3 of 3 Results