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  1. 40k Fluff
    I was writing a story in my free time about a space marine and an inquisitor respectively loosing their faith in the imperium. At first I was trying to keep it as cannon as possible but then (as with another thread) someone pointed out that once Matt Ward gets introduced It appears the actual...
  2. Project Logs
    I've found some of my old pics, i'm sharing them here as I can not find a better place to put them. I had the tervigon and a second trigons but no pics :( Some old memory's there. Yeah I know the pics are old. They are the only ones I have for the majority of models. Cheers.
  3. Original Works
    The line between “radicalism” and heresy is treacherously thin. It is doubt in one’s own strength of purpose that causes so many to embrace the surety of puritanism. Some inquisitors keep far from the line, unwilling to leave their prison of black and white morality. Others build their...
  4. Inquisitor Mykahel-Primed

    This is Inquisitor Mykahel. Blood Angel head, Scibor chest and shoulders, space wolves frost axes converted with DA sword, Warhammer Warrior of Chaos legs and greenstuff loincloth and cape.
1-5 of 5 Results