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  1. General 40k
    Hi all, I'm already using DE wytches as replacements for DCAs but I haven't found a suitable alternative for crusaders? Would anyone be able to recommend something? I quite like the standard two but used in larger numbers, they'll get a bit repetitive. Thanks.
  2. New Member Introductions
    hello all. i am an old 40k fanatic. went to a grand tourney 20years ago. won best painted at some small tourneys, sometime after that. stopped gaming regularly before the end of the 21st century. though, i kept my hand on the brush until i left the States in 2007. just had my old collection...
  3. Grey Knights Army Lists
    For a competitive tournament I'm looking for some advices :) Coteaz 100pts (goes somewhere?) Brotherhood Champion 100pts (travels with deathcult) Jakaero Weaponsmith x4 200pts Crusader x4 3 melta acolytes 127pts 2 Crusaders Chimera 2 Crusaders 127pts 3 Melta acolytes Chimera 9...
  4. Original Works
    The line between “radicalism” and heresy is treacherously thin. It is doubt in one’s own strength of purpose that causes so many to embrace the surety of puritanism. Some inquisitors keep far from the line, unwilling to leave their prison of black and white morality. Others build their...
1-4 of 4 Results