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  1. Project Logs
    I'M BACK! *Cough* Ahem... Now that School's over and I've got some time on my hands I've got around to repainting my 40k, and after some deliberation (Looking at lovely Forgeworld) I decided on Imperial Fists. This is the test (And first) model I've done, the 25th Anniversary Captain...
  2. Space Marine Army Lists
    Hello, Heresy Online community. I'm brand new to 40k, just picked up my codex and rulebook and I'm looking to build my first army. But before I spend a few hundred dollars I'd like to know if I'm headed in the right direction. Imperial Fists (500pts) Captain (130) Jump Pack Melta Bombs...
  3. Roleplay Threads
    Hi, just wondering if there is anyone wanting to start an imperial fist rp, maybe the tale of a tactical squad or even a centurion devastator unit. Personally I'd rather someone more skilled than i GM but if there are no takers I shall take up the task haha. Thanks to any whom reply :)
  4. Project Logs
    OK. So heres the beginning of what will hopefully become a much larger force of Marines. My collection to date includes a Captain, Chaplain, Tech marine (Converted from bits and pieces but will be redone),2 command Squads (which also double as veteran squads), 3x10 man tactical squad with...
  5. 40k Army Lists
    This is kind of a the opposite to what the Imperial Fists were known for, it's basically an offensive force siegeforce. I was looking at the way they acted during the crusade era, there was little on it but there was an extract from the Index Astartes which kind of generally outlined them...
  6. Captain Lysander [Back]

    Captain Lysander Back View Sprue Date: 2004 Sprue Code: 990601011311 Out of Production: Yes
  7. Captain Lysander [Front]

    Captain Lysander Front View Sprue Date: 2004 Sprue Code: 990601011311 Out of Production: Yes
1-10 of 10 Results