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  1. IG Test model

    Test model for my IG army colour scheme with homemade Sniper Rifle
  2. Imperial Ruin Small

    This is made of Necromunder Bulkheads and general other 40k extras you get laying around. Karsrins from the 23 Cadian Pioneers in the picture for size
  3. Macharian IXX Guard

    My imperial guard army. Made using mostly Mordian models, and whatever's not mordian has been converted to make it look more mordian. Enjoy!
  4. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Painted the armour on a batch of 5 IG
  5. Mortarian Heavy Weapons Teams

    Basecoated the heavy weapon team
  6. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Undercoated and basecoated fatigues
  7. Mortarian Guardsmen

    Cleaned and assembled Cadian body and Legs with Kolony Militia heads
  8. 3rd Thoth ACR

    Sorry about the quality I'm very new to digital photograghy. These are the Tallarn mini I have compleatly painted. The tanks were the first 40k minis I every painted, 10+ years ago. The squad was painted a little bit after that. I really don't like painting but I hate playing with unpainted minis.
  9. Some of my Ground Troops

    Was going for a WWIish look with my men, using multiple different helmet types
1-10 of 10 Results