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  1. Project Logs
    Upon a request from Jacobite, (which I'll take as a compliment :P) I have started this thread here so I say hello to all the Heresy Online veterans (please be nice). Be warned, this thread will start with a wall of text, but there are pictures at the bottom!! This will be a fluff-oriented army...
  2. Original Works
    F A L L E N [a Horus Heresy novel] I've had an idea (one of many - my monkey brains are boiling over) for a while now to write a novel set at the onset of Heresy. I thought it might be cool to post it on these forums as I write it; that way I can get feedback, plus it gives me a bit more...
  3. Project Logs
    With all the buzz about Great Crusade and Heresy-era armies these days, how could I not jump onboard with this? Picking a Legion was a no-brainer for me. Sons of Horus, of course! And make no mistake, this is going to be a traitor army-- the iconic Cthonian Legionnaires that are on a slide...

    Hi there, a happy new year to you all. At last I found how to upload my pictures. I'm new here.
  5. Luna Wolf Scouts

    Scouts of the Luna Wolves Legion. Pre-Heresy style.
  6. Warmaster Horus (wip)

    horus conversion, not painted well yet, but the mini itsself is pretty much done
1-7 of 7 Results