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  1. Homebrew 40k Fluff
    I had an idea for the concept of my next 40k army, with a heavy focus on kitbashing: "Sirens in Space". they would count-as Sisters of Battle elites/HQ with Space Marine allies (a political 'gift'), but I wanted to ensure that this concept isn't contradictory to the fluff. I don't believe it is...
  2. Homebrew 40k Fluff
    Hi all, i hope this is posted in the right place, but anyway, i trying to write a helghast codex based on the IG codex. i've got a few ideas, but right now, I'm having trouble costing units. so i thought Heresy online would be kind enough to help me out! i am quite open too criticisms on my made...
  3. Homebrew 40k Fluff
    May I present to you; the brave, the bold, it can only be: Sergeant Krak Head of the Blood Angels! During his early days as a tactical marine, Krak Head's squad was being transported by a Rhino on some planet or something. Suddenly, his squad came under fire by a squad of Chaos Space Marines...
1-3 of 3 Results