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  1. Sternguard Sergeant

    My Sternguard Sergeant for the Crimson Fists 4th Company. I know they're meant to be 1st Company, but I prefer the Green shoulder trims to the white.
  2. Pedro Kantor

    My model of Pedro.
  3. Epistolary Rodriguez

    My Crimson Fists Libarian, Epistolary Rodriguez leads what's left of the 4th Company post-Rynn's World. Personally I feel this model fits in really well with the rest of the army.
  4. Crimson Fists Sternguard

    Just a regular Sternguard model.
  5. Crimson Fists Sergeant

    A Vanguard Model that I painted as a tactical squad sergeant.
  6. Combi-Melta Sternguard

    My Crimson Fists Sternguard with combi-melta
1-6 of 6 Results