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  1. Grey Knights Army Lists
    Hi, I made a combat patrol list that I have not used yet, and I was wondering how good or bad it would be. 400 2 tanks 2 troops Grey Knight strike squad: 1 justicar with halbert 3 grey Knights 1 grey knight with psycannon Razorback Las cannon and twin linked plasma gun Grey knight...
  2. Grey Knights Army Lists
    Hi all, This is my first attempt to create a Grey Knight for 6th edition, and also as a comeback to the W40K, after pausing this hobby for a long time. List 1 This strategy is basically using the Storm Ravens to move the terminators forward. This strategy puts up much hope in the Storm Ravens...
  3. The Nemesis Force

    A Grey Knight enjoying a stay in the park. Marines are humanoids too!
  4. Grey Knight Terminator

    Side-view of my lone Grey Knight Terminator, which I have been using as a Grand Master in most games.
  5. Grey Knights

    4 of my Grey Knights with Psycannons. I picked up the gold shoulder & backpack trim idea from the GW website; thought it looked quite nice and served well to differentiate my GKs from someone else's.
1-9 of 9 Results