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grey knight

  1. Grey Knights Army Lists
    Hi, I made a combat patrol list that I have not used yet, and I was wondering how good or bad it would be. 400 2 tanks 2 troops Grey Knight strike squad: 1 justicar with halbert 3 grey Knights 1 grey knight with psycannon Razorback Las cannon and twin linked plasma gun Grey knight...
  2. Grey Knights Army Lists
    Hi all, This is my first attempt to create a Grey Knight for 6th edition, and also as a comeback to the W40K, after pausing this hobby for a long time. List 1 This strategy is basically using the Storm Ravens to move the terminators forward. This strategy puts up much hope in the Storm Ravens...
  3. The Nemesis Force

    The Nemesis Force

    A Grey Knight enjoying a stay in the park. Marines are humanoids too!
  4. Grey Knight Terminator

    Grey Knight Terminator

    Side-view of my lone Grey Knight Terminator, which I have been using as a Grand Master in most games.
  5. Grey Knights

    Grey Knights

    4 of my Grey Knights with Psycannons. I picked up the gold shoulder & backpack trim idea from the GW website; thought it looked quite nice and served well to differentiate my GKs from someone else's.
  6. Grey Knight

    Grey Knight

  7. Grey Knight

    Grey Knight

  8. Grey Knight

    Grey Knight

  9. Grey Knight

    Grey Knight