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  1. Project Logs
    I'm back in the game, I've been out of this for a very long time I believe almost 2 years. Last year I decided to become self-employed in running a gaming shop but due to problems such as money issues, I couldn't do it so I decided to an alternative route and start by doing commission work to...
  2. Gothic AM Endurance front view

    just another angle.. i love the skull..
  3. Gothic AM Endurance

    with those nice adeptus mech refits and the torpedos for lance swap the endurance becomes a really useful ship.
  4. BFG Demonship

    "Spiky" conversion, that i take quite some pride in..
  5. BFG Attackrun

    Imperial Dauntless class cruisers and a squad of Firestorm frigattes finish off a stricken chaoscruiser
  6. BFG Space Station

    scratchbuilt from all kinda parts. mostly bfg parts..
  7. BFG Ork Rokk

    Ork Rokks rock. salvaged from a cyclone missile launcher and varius epic parts..
  8. BFG Imperial Lunar Cruiser

    used a chaos bridge and lances for this one to create a dinstinctive look
  9. BFG Planet

    with some great cannyons and hive strutures.. and yeah, a space station
  10. Apocalypse Battleship

    Purifier. Fearsome firepower. Cripples every cruiser in one go.
  11. Space Marine Battle Barge

    Proud Auctor Ignis on attack run. Burn Heretics!
  12. Imperial Repulsive Grand Cruiser

    actually a chaos ship. i removed all the chaos insignia and replaced them with imperial aquillae. and there you go..
  13. Pacified Chaos Vessel

    some killed chaos ship we use for wreckage in games. what a pity to drill holes in it and cut it apart a bit. but hey..
  14. Grey Knight Strike Cruiser

    Forgeworld miniature. Lovely ship.
1-15 of 15 Results