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goff mega armour armor meganobz

  1. Goff Meganobz Mob

    Goff Meganobz Mob

    Finally managed to get the last Nob done to give me a mob of five. All have had a bosspole added and some form of rebreather. Gork only knows when I will get round to painting the next five lol. My project log for the Blitz Brigade is on http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=57978
  2. Goff Meganob 5

    Goff Meganob 5

  3. Meganob 4

    Meganob 4

  4. Goff Meganob 3

    Goff Meganob 3

  5. Goff Meganob 2

    Goff Meganob 2