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  2. Project Logs
    Hi All, Working on Heresy Era World Eaters tournament army for 2018. The wife gave me an airbrush for Christmas so it should quicken up the process. Tester model for paint scheme CSM squad - 1x Flamer, Asp. Champion w. Combi Flamer Khorne Bezerkers w. Chainsword & Chainaxe + Banner of...
  3. Project Logs
    I've just finished off this Moritat to kick off a new Heresy era Alpha Legion army: It took quite a bit of trial and error to work out how to do the armour but I think it's come out quite well. Let me know what you think. Next up will be a 10 man Tactical squad so make sure to follow along...
  4. Trading Area
    Primarch figure Mortarion - Unused, unassembled, unpainted and undamaged. Looking to sell for about £45. Anyone outside of the UK will need to discuss subsidising shipping costs and possible negotiation over price. This model is currently being shipped to me from Canada as will the rest of my...
  5. Trading Area
    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase a Forgeworld Winged Hive Tyrant. I am looking for one unpainted as well if possible. I know this is a rare model to find, unpainted at that, and due to which I am ready to pay good money for one if you have one available. Shoot me a PM if you have one...
  6. Project Logs
    Hello Folks, welcome to my first completed force in so, so, so, so many years! I know it isn't huge, it is only 500 points after all but after picking up a brush for the first time in years it feels great. I must say not only am I pleased with the overall results but I'm very pleased with myself...
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    Iron Hands Dread